Sunshine 27, Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture

Sunshine 27 (formerly Woody 25) – Canyons Riverside Oasis

Canyons Inc. initially built the Woody 25 Lodge on an existing platform overlooking the river. At Aoraki Glamping + Design, we reinforced the first Woody 25 so that it could be used even in the winter season in heavy snowfall areas.

In addition, a new second Woody 25 was built by Aoraki Glamping + Design using Western Red Cedar with an insulated structure, and this one too has been reinforced for use in heavy snowfall areas during winter.

Both are equipped with air conditioning, ensuring comfort in any weather conditions.

The initial Woody 25 model has been replaced with a new modular system for heavy snowfall areas, which can be used with the Sunshine models 27, 38, or 49.

We have received an order from Canyons Inc. and plan to install a new Sunshine 49 in the summer of 2021. This too is designed for insulation and reinforcement for heavy snowfall areas, making it usable all year round.
It is the first introduction in Japan with a bedroom, kitchen, shower, and toilet.

It is set to become the only place in Japan where you can have a genuine glamping experience.