Minakami Sauna Company

About Barrel Sauna

At Minakami Sauna Company, we use domestic wood and our craftsmen make them with care.

You can choose from relatively affordable cedar and premium Hinoki (cypress) that has a pleasant scent, according to your budget and preference.

We can also accommodate various customization such as changing the depth, making the back wall all windows, and making the upper half a window.

We will deliver the Barrel Sauna according to your wishes.

Main features


We design the original tatami roofing and our craftsmen will carry out the construction.

In a typical barrel sauna, it is often observed that asphalt roofing (asphalt single) is applied directly. However, in areas with heavy rain, especially in areas with snow accumulation, the gravel of asphalt tends to peel off.

※If desired, we can also construct asphalt single.

Barrel Band

We use stainless steel rust-proof and durable materials in our company.

We also use a large number of seven pieces to prevent the warping of the wood and finish it with a solid structure.

Many products using 4-5 bands are usually seen in barrel saunas with a general length of about 4m.

Barrel base

We have five barrels for supporting the barrel sauna.

The width is also 1,800 mm and provides reliable support.

Many products using 2-3 bases are usually seen in barrel saunas with a general length of about 4m.

Sauna stove

We directly imported the original sauna stove from Europe for custom-made orders.

・We use a large amount of 100 kg of sauna stones! It is said that a large amount of sauna stones has the effect of making steam soft.

It also improves heat storage and you can enjoy long-term lowry.

Stove base

・We make the base with cone concrete and install the stove.

This improves both safety and heat storage capacity.

Generally, there are many products that have stoves installed on wooden floors with a frame and a kaycar plate.

・By making the base larger (especially in the front), the fire will fall on the concrete even if there is a flying fire when the stove door is opened and closed.

This greatly reduces the worry of ignition.