Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture
Barrel Sauna for 6 to 8 People (With Roof) Second Building

Shioya Onsen SHIOYA SPA

Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture
Barrel Sauna for 6-8 people (Roofed Type) 2nd building

We received an additional order from SHIOYA SPA for a barrel sauna with a roof.

The customers who used it were pleased with their experience. Thank you.

We will complete 90% of the work in the workshop as before and transport it to the installation site.

This time, it will be installed next to the barrel sauna we installed last time.

Due to the location, it was not possible to place a Unicar next to it, so it was installed with a crane.

This time the sauna stove, chimney, and entrance door will be installed on site.

Two of our barrel saunas were lined up in between the buildings of SHIOYA SPA.

Even one sauna is cute, but it feels like the charm increases even more when two are lined up.

We hope that the newly added barrel sauna at SHIOYA SPA, a hot springs facility, will be able to help customers relax and enjoy their experience.