CASA2G (firewood type/gas type)

High-tech, high-performance, high-performance dome oven. Easy to assemble, this is a medium to large sized modular oven kit. The inner pot is also a product with a wide range of custom widths for the size, placement, and exterior.

Also, Casa2G has a short preheating time and high heat retention, so it can keep the heat until the next day.

You can make your own original pizza oven with a DIY kit.
Although it is a DIY kit, the core part that affects the performance of the pizza oven is a product with reliable heat retention and heat storage.

※This finished product using this「CASA2G」is「TOSCANA」and「VESUVIO」になります。

Oven inner diameter: 80cm・90cm・100cm・110cm

(Oven landing 20cm)

Features: DIY dome kit

※Adequate space must be secured when moving in.

※Facing brick is optional.