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Welcome to Aoraki Glamping + Design!

In 2008, Aoraki Venture Corp. was founded in Minakami-machi, Gunma Prefecture as an all-encompassing construction company, providing services such as custom-built homes, exterior construction, and the design of luxurious outdoor living spaces.

Mike Burke, the CEO, has around 30 years of experience in designing and constructing residential and outdoor living spaces worldwide.

With a base in Japan, we have experience in residential building projects across New Zealand, Canada, the United States, Germany, and Finland. In 2019, we felt an increased need for outdoor living spaces like never before.
“Creating a luxurious space where you can comfortably spend time while being in touch with nature.”
With this concept in mind, we started Aoraki Glamping + Design, offering sales of glamping safari tents (canvas lodges) and promoting an outdoor lifestyle.

Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge, we carefully select and sell a variety of products from around the world, including safari tents (canvas lodges) for glamping, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, and other accessories.

We will also utilize our global design sense to provide knowledgeable advice on everything from designing and setting up simple glamping spaces to large-scale accommodation facilities such as campgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will introduce some answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services.
If there is anything you missed, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help.

The price of a Canvas Lodge varies depending on the model, materials, size, and furniture you choose. If you contact us, we will prepare a customized quote for you.

Essentially, the following items are included in the set contents.

■Tent Frame

■Canvas inner tent

■Roof made of PVC

※You can add the following options.

■Deck (front porch + tent floor area)

■Interior (partition walls, shower, kitchen, furniture, etc.)

The standard interior layout of tents can be found on each product page.

Regarding 3D views, they are included in the service content when we receive requests for site design and other related services.

The process from inquiry to order to delivery

Please let us know the desired tent and the quantity you would like.
If you have specific plans for setting up a glamping site or similar, we are happy to provide consultation tailored to your plans.

②Creating a quotation
I will create an estimate for you.
※Regarding various expenses:
Due to the import of made-to-order products, various expenses such as customs duties, customs clearance fees, and shipping costs will be incurred.
In order to minimize the burden on our customers, all charges will be made at actual cost.
Therefore, the estimated expenses are approximate. We will bill you when the actual amount is determined.
We are striving to minimize the burden on our customers.
Kindly take note and understand beforehand.

③Creating an order form and invoice
If you are satisfied with the quotation, we will create an order form and invoice for you.
Upon receiving the stamped order form and confirming the first payment, the contract will be considered concluded.

④Start of production
After the contract is signed, production will begin at the overseas factory. It will take approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

⑤Overseas transportation
As soon as the tent is completed, it will be shipped from the factory. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks from the Asian factory to Tokyo port.
We will send you the second invoice before shipping. The shipment will be made as soon as we can confirm the payment for this invoice.

⑥Customs clearance and domestic transportation
As soon as the tent arrives at Tokyo Port (or the nearest port), we will arrange for customs clearance and domestic transportation.
At this point, we will send you the third (final) invoice.

⑥Tent Delivery
We will deliver to your desired location from the nearest port using domestic transportation services.

The tent will arrive at your location approximately 10-14 weeks after the contract has been concluded.
In reality, it is expected that it will take a few more days to actually use it, as installation and interior decoration need to be done.